Skrill Casinos – Is It Safe?

Skrill Casinos Is It Safe

Skrill Casinos Is It Safe? Check it in this article. Skrill is a popular eWallet allowing gamblers to deposit securely and quickly in an online casino. What makes it one of the best choices is it is accepted by almost all gambling sites. If you have made transactions in an online casino like Casino Dome, you must have come across Skrill. But, the question is it a legit and safe payment process?

Well, you are going to find that out in this post. But first, let’s learn to find out what Skrill is.

What Is Skrill?

Skrill just like PayPal is a digital wallet. You can deposit funds through it for making transactions with online merchants. It was founded in 2001 and was originally known as Moneybookers. In the beginning, it was primarily used for making transfers on a gambling site.

In fact, gambling transactions make up a large part of the business. However, it has diversified its services throughout the years. From a bet placing the application, it has evolved to become a functional digital wallet that is primarily used for money transfers.

Skrill has more than 40 million users across the world and is supported by 150,000 merchants. This is quite impressive.

However, does it imply that it is legit and you can trust them with your funds??

Skrill Casinos Is It Safe?

What Is Skrill

Skrill has been a part of Paysafe Group since 2015 along with Neteller and Paysafecard. It is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK since it is operating. Moreover, they have secured a European eMoney license that lets them operate from all across the world.

So, in terms of legitimacy, Skrill is surely a big deal. There is no doubt about the fact that it is a real company ever since they have been trading their stocks on the London Stock Exchange.

A great benefit of using Skrill at an online casino like PlayAmo Casino is it is extremely secure. Users of this method offer a 2-factor authentication process for protecting their details. Every transaction that you make through this platform is guarded against fraudulent measures by offering completely guaranteed encryption.

So, if you want to use Skrill in an online casino, you can rest assured it has top-notch safety features for keeping the customer details safe. Skrill casinos follow their own security measures to protect players from fraud. All you have to do is make sure that you are signing up with a legit gambling site.

But before you sign up, you need to learn about their fees.

How Much Do Skrill Charge as Fees?

When you deposit money through Skrill, the fees might range from 0% to 25% based on the payment country and method. However, when it comes to withdrawing money from the gambling site, you have to pay a fixed fee of 5.5 EUR. Withdrawals on a credit card are going to cost about 7.5% of your transaction.

One of the primary differences between Skrill and other eWallets is that money transfers are not free. It might cost up to 2% of your transaction. Again, you might have to pay a certain fee for currency conversion that is 3.99%. In case your account is in some other currency than Euro, you will be charged an additional fee of 1.5%.

If you have been inactive for a period of over 12 months, Skrill charges 5 EUR per month.

This might not be appealing. Many customers seem to complain that Skrill charges are too high.

So, what really is the benefit of using Skrill? Let’s find out.

Benefits of Depositing with Skrill

Even though players might face a few challenges when it comes to depositing with Skrill, it is a convenient method to deposit money on an online gambling site. Here are a few qualities of Skrill that you will appreciate.

  • Fast Access to Funds

When you use this method, you will be able to access your fund almost immediately. There is no need to wait for too long, particularly if you are in a hurry.

  • Privacy

When you carry out transactions through Skrill in an online casino, you enjoy the utmost confidentiality of personal information. The name and address will not be saved in the casino’s database.

  • Wide Acceptance

Skrill provides support to more than 200 countries and accepts more than 40 currencies. So, you are most likely to get support for your currency when you use this payment method.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Another excellent reason to use Skrill is its excellent customer support. Irrespective of the issues you are facing, you send them an email or call them.

  • Safety

Skrill is a highly secure payment method that provides users great security and privacy. The payment method operates under strict guidelines laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority. Moreover, vigorous authentication and verification processes make sure no third party has access to the account. Your transaction and personal details will be safe and secure with Skrill.

Drawbacks of Depositing with Skrill

It has one primary drawback.

Fees: When you make a transaction using this payment mode, a transaction fee is applied when making deposits and withdrawals. Even though the fees aren’t as low as debit or credit cards, they are smaller in comparison to what is charged by other eWallets.

How to Open a Skrill Account?

Before you start making transactions at an online casino using Skrill, you need to sign up for an account.

In order to open an Account at Skrill, you will have to go over to the official website or app and click on the ‘Register’ option present at the top-right corner. Now, you have to provide details such as name, date of birth, etc. When you are done entering the general contact details, Skrill will take some time to verify the credentials before it allows you to make transactions.

At times, Skrill might ask you to provide identification proof such as a passport or driver’s license. When your account has been verified, you can start to send and receive money through Skrill.

How to Fund the Skrill Account?

You can fund your Skrill account in a number of ways. One of the most popular ways is to use your debit or credit card. If you want, you can also make a mutual bank transfer. However, this might take up to 5 business days. It is also possible to fund the account using other eWallets.

In order to load money into your Skrill account using a debit or credit card, you have to type the card number and the expiry date. Thereafter, you have to enter the amount of money you would like to deposit. As soon as this is complete, money will be transferred to Skrill. Now, you can use it for making deposits on a gambling site.

In case you are asked by Skrill if you want to deposit money for non-gambling or gambling purposes, choose gambling purposes. If you choose non-gambling purposes, you won’t be able to use the money for a deposit on an online casino.

How to Make Deposits in Skrill Casinos?

By using Skrill, you can bypass credit card payment completely by adding money to your account from Skrill’s eWallet. This means you will be able to avoid the charges levied by the credit card at a gambling site. One of the primary benefits of a gambling site is it is free from restrictions placed by the bank.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using Skrill.

  • Register at an Online Casino

The first thing you have to do is look for legit online casinos and sign up. Make sure that the casino you are choosing accepts Skrill.

  • Choose Skrill Deposit Method

After registering on the site, choose Skrill as the deposit method. Now, enter the amount you would like to deposit. Thereafter, follow the instructions to complete your payment.

  • Start Playing Casino Games for Real Money

Once you are done making the transactions, the money will reach your casino account in just a few minutes. When the account balance is updated, you can start playing.

How to Make a Withdrawal in Skrill Casinos?

A majority of casinos take special care when they pay players out, irrespective of the deposit method you opt for.

Here is what you have to do to withdraw money from an online casino.

  • Request a Withdrawal

You can go over to the withdrawal page of the casino from the Cahier section and choose Skrill as your preferred withdrawal method.

  • Confirm the Information

In case you would like to withdraw using Skrill, the gambling site has to confirm your identity. You can do this, simply by logging into the Skrill account.

  • Process Withdrawal to Receive Funds

The exact time frame depends on the casino that you have signed up with. Your withdrawal will be processed immediately, and you can receive the money in no time.

Skrill vs. Neteller

Skrill Vs. Neteller

Skrill, as well as Neteller, is a safe and secure method to manage your money while you gamble online. This is because the eWallet will let you spend money without even using your credit card or bank account. So, hackers will not get access to your financial details.

However, there are a few differences between the two. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Depositing Money

To use your eWallet you have to deposit money. You can deposit money from the Skrill or Neteller website.

  • Skrill

When depositing money using Skrill, you will find many free options like bank transfers. Maestro Debit card, etc. You have to pay a fixed deposit rate of 1.90%. The fees for depositing money don’t exceed 5.5%.

You might have to pay certain charges because of currencies.

  • Neteller

In comparison to Skrill, Neteller provides more deposit options, especially free options like Trustly. Usually, the cost to deposit is much more than using Skrill.

Neteller lets you choose from 4 different currencies for account transfers. For exchange purposes, you will be charged a fee of 3.99%. If you leave the account inactive for over 14 months, you will be charged 5 USD as a monthly maintenance fee.

  1. Withdrawing Money from the eWallet

Withdrawing money is a simple process with Skrill, as well as Neteller.

  • Skrill

Based on the country of residency, you can easily withdraw money from Skrill through credit cards, bank transfers, Skrill card, etc. For bank withdrawals, it might take 2-5 business days. Also, each user has to pay 3.95 EUR. Debit and credit card withdrawals along with another method of sending to different accounts from Skrill are subject to fees of 1.45%-5.5%

  • Neteller

When it comes to withdrawal, it offers the same methods as Skrill but it also lets you make a deposit through Skrill. For Neteller, the cost you have to incur is 10 USD and it takes 3-5 days to be transferred. A wire transfer will cost 12.75 USD. So, you can see that the Neteller charges are much higher than Skrill.

  1. Physical Card Availability

Both the eWallets provide their customers with an additional way to deposit money that is a plastic card. It increases fund accessibility.

  • Skrill

It comes with a Prepaid Master plastic card that will be issued on demand and delivered to your address within 5-10 business days. You don’t have to pay any fee to get this card.

  • Neteller

They have also joined hands with MasterCard for their plastic card solution. Hence, you can use the card for making purchases. The card offers greater freedom of using the money stored in the Neteller account.

Is Skrill the Right Payment Option in an Online Casino?

Skrill casinos come with a wide range of benefits. For instance, you can use it in conjunction with MasterCard that is linked to your account. You will be able to transfer from across the world. All the transactions you make will be processed instantly. Thus, players gain access to their funds instantly and start playing at an online casino like WooCasino, without any hassle.

In comparison to the other eWallet options, such as Neteller, Skrill charges lesser fees. So, it is a great option for online gamblers who would like to save a little money.

Thank you for reading!

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