Dragon Quest 11 Casino – Guide How to Win 2020

Dragon Quest 11 Casino Guide How To Win 2020
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You can win the Gringham Whip which cost a big equals tokens

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75,00,000 tokens


Most of the people join online casinos and play games to earn and have fun. Dragon Quest 11 casino attracts thousands of players every day who want to win big in 2020. The casino is one of the recurring games in the Dragon quest 11 series. Dragon Quest XI Casino is full of many rewards that can give you a huge advantage in fight or to buy the things that you will never find in any other series. When you will play and spend time in this casino you will buy items to increase your power and sometimes you will buy items like new clothes for beautiful Jade. Luck is a factor that contributes to winning the game but as it is a video game, there are some tips that will help you play better and win more. There are two types of casinos in the Dragon Quest XI casino and they are different depending on their prizes and rewards.

Before switching from one casino to another, make sure that you have saved your game so that you can reload your previous game and try again. To have an amazing start you must have enough tokens, a minimum of 500. These tokens will work as in-game currency and can be exchanged for prizes. You can get tokens in exchange for gold. Some important things to know are described in this DQ 11 casino guide.

Dragon Quest XI How to Win at the Casino?

Start Dragon Quest 11 Casino

Below are some tips that will provide you with a path to use the tokens efficiently and win the game.

  • Start with Many Tokens
  • Don’t Lose Hope
  • Save and Play Again

Start with Many Tokens:

You can buy tokens directly at the casino. You should not start with a few tokens as it will disturb you while playing the game. You should have enough tokens to carry on the game to the maximum levels. Fewer tokens will cause you to stop the game and buy more.

Don’t Lose Hope:

Usually, people lose when they start playing for the first time but you should keep playing if you want to win. There will come a metal mode in which all your earnings and winnings will be doubled, wait for that mode to come, and then you will have chances to win big.

Save and Play Again:

It seems that after getting 20,000 tokens in the game, the chances of reaching the metal mode decreases. This will be a problem for the players as it will not only make the earning slow but will also increase the risk of losing the game. To overcome this fact, it is recommended to leave the game after some time and re-enter the room again to save yourself.

How to Increase Luck in Dragon Quest 11 Casino?

Dragon Quest 11 Casino Token

Don’t begin with the slime quest, start with the normal slot machines with a few thousand tokens and keep on playing until you reach the jackpots. If you start with plenty of tokens your luck will be increased and you will always win. Save before you get unlucky because as long as you have tokens the probability of winning is more than of losing. Before the post-game, there aren’t many ways to make money fast without wasting time, it just seems to fight in the Gyldenhul area. This is the area in the Dragon Quest 11 casino where you can fight against the many golden monsters who will provide you with a lot of money if you defeat the monster.

Dragon Quest XI Which Casino to Play?

There are two casinos in the Dragon Quest XI Casino. Both of these casinos are awesome but have unique prizes and features. If you are playing casino to win and earn money, below is the list of the casinos’ prizes that will help you to choose the best suitable for you.

1: Puerto Valor Casino:

At first, players are given access to this casino. This casino offers a lot of attractive prizes and Platinum Powersword is at the top of the list.

Prize Label Tokens
Platinum PowerSword 100,000 Tokens
Lightning Lance 75,000 Tokens
Platinum Sword 50,000 Tokens
Spangled Dress 25,000 Tokens
Elevating Vest 10,000 Tokens
The staff of Sentencing 7500 Tokens
White Shield 5000 Tokens
Mercury’s Bandana 2500 Tokens
Down the Rabbithole 500 Tokens

2: DQ11 Octagonia Casino:

Dragon Quest 11 Casino

This casino has been rigged for your benefit. Earning money in this casino is easy but the major prizes are offered when you enter the VIP room after monsters removal. Keep this fact in mind that all your previous winning gained during monster ownership will be deducted.

Prize Label Tokens During Monster Ownership After Moster Removal
Gringham Whip 75,00,000 No Yes
Magic Water 10,00,000 Yes No
Boxer Shorts 500,000 Yes No
Happy Hat 300,000 No Yes
Shimmering Dress 200,000 No Yes
Horse Manure 100,000 Yes No
Fireball 80,000 No Yes
Imp Knife 60,000 No Yes
Cypress Stick 50,000 Yes No
Medicinal Herb 25,000 Yes No
Molten Globules 20,000 No Yes
Bow Tie 3,000 No Yes
Love Potion 500 Yes No
Love Potion 100 No Yes

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is Dragon Quest 11 Post Game Worth Playing?

DQ 11 post game is the sequel of the previous game and this is the part of the game in which the actual ending takes place. So it is worth playing because if you don’t play the post-game you will not understand and enjoy the full story of the game.

What is the best sword in DQ 11?

Supreme Sword of Light is the best weapon in Dragon Quest 11. It takes time to get this sword because you have to complete the required levels and earn the other swords.

How long does it take to Beat Dragon Quest XI Casino?

Dragon Quest 11 is a long game and requires about 90 to 100 hours to get it completed. This time can vary depending on the player’s skills and the time spent on listening to the characters’ talks.

Dragon Quest 11 Casino Guide How To Win 2020

You can win the Gringham Whip which cost a big equals tokens

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