How to Make a Deposit in Paysafecard Casinos?

How To Make A Deposit In Paysafecard Casinos

How to Make a Deposit in Paysafecard Casinos? If you have this question you will find the answer here.

If you are looking for a different online casino experience, use Paysafecard for online banking. It is a prepayment voucher option that offers 100% security in terms of money transactions in online casinos’ real money. This is because it doesn’t link to your original banking service.

In case you aren’t of what is a Paysafecard and you have been introduced to it for the first time, it might be a little confusing. A quick browse through its website will tell you that it neither requires a bank account nor is a credit card. The payment method targets payments to a wider range of entertainment markets. This includes online casinos.

In this article, you will find out how to make deposits using Paysafecard in an online casino.

What Is a Paysafecard Casino?

Paysafecard was launched in 2000 and is based in Vienna. At first, it was only available to the Austrian customer but the following year, it was launched in Germany. Currently, it operates in more than 43 countries. It offers an incredible prepaid payment solution to about 1 billion customers across the world.

The payment solution has become one of the most popular payment methods in an online casino. It is seen as an eWallet service. However, in reality, it is nothing more than a top-up card or a voucher. This makes it convenient as it is something that you can pay for on high street or get online.

Paysafecard has been the leading payment method in the online gambling section, primarily because of its competitive pricing in terms of deposits and withdrawals. In order to create an account for an online service, you just need an email address.

The fact that it keeps the customers at the centre of its decision-making process might have kept the reputable company running for more than a decade.

How Does Paysafecard Work?

The payment method is so simple that anyone will be able to use it. It has been made as painless as possible to let places purchase a voucher and start gambling on their favourite games.

Paysafecard comes in the form of a receipt where you will find a 16-digit PIN number. To make a transaction, you have to enter this PIN number. Without the PIN number, you will not be able to make any payments.

How to Open an Account with Paysafecard?

To use the Paysafecard for making deposits in an online casino such as Chumba Casino or Bovada Casino, you have to open an account. Opening an account is a simple process. You don’t have to use individual details with it. So, players get to enjoy a certain level of anonymity that they always look for. Truth be told, this cannot be matched with any other payment method.

To get the Paysafecard, you first need to register for it on the official website. When you go to the website, you will find a ‘Register’ tab. Click on this to open the online form. Submit your details and choose your password. Use the password to log into your account and buy more Paysafecard cards. When you are done entering the details, click on the ‘Register’ option to finish the process.

Now, you will receive an email containing the verification link. Click on the link to activate the account. After this, you can easily buy a Paysafecard anytime you want.

How to Make a Deposit in Paysafecard Casinos Online?

How To Make A Deposit In Paysafecard Casinos Online

To start playing with Paysafecard, here is what you have to do.

  • Find a Casino

Once you buy the Paysafecard, your next step is to look for an online casino that accepts this payment method. When you find one, you can set up an account at the casino website.

  • Choose Paysafecard Payment

Several casinos support this payment system. To choose this as your preferred payment option, go over to the banking section. From the list of payment options, choose Paysafecard.

  • Make a Deposit

To make a deposit, you have to enter the 16-digit PIN code of the card.  Now, enter the deposit amount. Remember, you don’t have to use the entire amount present on your card. Deposit as much as you need into your casino account. You can save the remaining amount to use later.

  • Process Payment

After entering the PIN code, initiate the transaction. Your transaction at the casino is processed almost instantly. Also, you aren’t charged an additional fee. However, if you are depositing money in a different currency, you have to pay a 2% currency conversion fee.

You will be able to fund your account with any one of the following services,

  • Credit and Debit Card
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • AstroPay
  • Net Banking

How to Verify Your Paysafecard Account?

Before you make your transactions using Paysafecard at an online casino such as Red Stag Casino, you have to verify your account. When you register an account, you are allowed to receive and send payments up to a certain limit, unless you verify your account.

To complete the verification process, you have to upload a copy of your driver’s license or passport. You will receive an email saying your account has been verified. Now, you can use your Paysafecard for making larger payments.

Does Paysafecard Charge Any Fee?

You might be wondering whether this service is going to charge you some money. The answer to this is pretty simple. Often, it is going to cost you nothing at all. Users don’t have to pay any fee. So, you are not going to be charged a fee when you create a PIN.  The amount you give at the online casino is the same amount you have on the prepaid card. Commissions don’t exist and that’s great.

When you spend some time browsing through online casinos, you will surely come across a few that charge users for using Paysafecard for transactions. So, if you play at any one of these casinos, you are more likely to be charged with a commission. At times, the amount might go as high as 5%. This can be a point of concern for many players.

Albeit, Paysafecard is free most of the time, there are some instances when you might be charged for the added services it offers. One of these instances is when you have the PIN for over a year and haven’t used it. The first 12 months of this card are free. However, following that you are going to be charged £3 for maintenance and an additional £3 every month the PIN is active.

Also, when you are making a payment in foreign currency, the company can charge you a certain percentage of the transaction. This is the exchange fee.

So, Paysafecard is free for regular users and you can take advantage of this.

Advantages of Using Paysafecard in an Online Casino

There are various advantages of using Paysafecard in comparison to other methods available in Casoola Casino or other gambling platforms. Let’s take a look at them.

  • To begin with, it is one of the most widely accepted payment solutions in the gambling industry. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to find an online one that doesn’t accept this payment method. It has become the preferred choice of many gamblers. When it comes to prepaid options, Paysafecard is one of the best bets. You can always depend on it to fulfil your requirements.
  • Apart from being available in several casinos, it is also available in many countries. So, it is one of the most accessible payment methods available to you on the internet. This alone makes it a worthwhile choice. You can buy it in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Cyprus, Slovakia, Finland, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and more. So, millions of users will be able to use the payment system.
  • With Paysafecard, you can enjoy an instant deposit. You do not have to wait for hours or days for your bank transfer to the casino account to be processed. A transaction made using this method is cleared within just a few seconds. So, you can immediately start gambling at your preferred site. Also, like other services, you don’t have to follow endless setup processes. So, it is a convenient and easy solution.
  • Another great advantage of Paysafecard is you can buy the voucher in a different denomination, based on how you would like to spend it. You can load up £5, £10, £25, or even £100 per voucher. As you are not charged with a commission to top your prepaid card, you will have the entire amount you loaded into the card. So, the gambling transaction is not going to cost you even a penny.
  • Paysafecard supports a large number of currencies, too. So, if this card is available in your country, there is a chance it supports your home currency. Some of the most popular currencies available are the Canadian dollar, US dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Australian Dollar, the Swiss Franc, and many more.
  • Anonymity is the greatest perk of this online casino payment solution. By using this, you will be making payments privately. All you have to provide is your 16-digit PIN code. You don’t have to provide any banking or personal information to make the transaction. Online privacy being a rising concern, it is good to know that these services are not going to ask for more money than required. So, if you are worried about privacy while gambling at an online casino, this can be a good choice. You will enjoy the fact that you do not have to enter your credit card number or even offer your name when you are topping up your account at the online casino.

Disadvantages of Using Paysafecard in an Online Casino

The service comes with a few shortcomings. Here they are.

  • You cannot overlook the fact that a low denomination amount they use. It might be sufficient for budget players but it might not be enough for all. Sure, you can collect 10 different vouchers but that is not an appropriate solution for a majority of the people. It would mean you will have to keep 10 different receipts every time you want to make a large transaction at the site.
  • The receipt is available in physical form. So, you have to make sure you don’t lose it. A small piece of paper can easily be misplaced. It becomes a major problem when you have to buy more than one card. In case you lose the card, you cannot get back the money you paid for it. To make a withdrawal, you are going to need the 16-digit PIN code.
  • Another disadvantage of this payment method is you will not be able to make a withdrawal using this payment mode. This is not just for Paysafecard but also for other prepaid cards.

What about Security?

What About Security

Online gamblers are always worried about their personal banking information. Payment services across the globe are taking measures to make sure that user details do not fall into the wrong hands. In case you are looking into a reliable and secure payment solution, you need not look further than Paysafecard. When you use this service, your personal data will remain safe.

The very nature of the payment method ensures that you have little to worry about. Like mentioned, you don’t have to submit any banking or personal information when you buy the vouchers.

The card has been designed in such a manner that you can only spend the money when you have the 16-digit code. Without this, no one will be able to make payments. Again, if you lose this code, you can freeze the balance and request a new PIN. So, it is one of the safest payment solutions that you can use. Players who are concerned about security will be happy to use it in an online casino.

Final Words

With premium security and complete transparency, Paysafecard is slowly making its place in the heart of people. There is a wide range of online casinos that accept this payment method. It is easy to buy them and use them in an online casino.

Thank you for reading!

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