Is Casino Paysafe Deposit a Safe Choice?

Is Casino Paysafe Deposit A Safe Choice

Is Casino Paysafe Deposit a Safe Choice? Here you will find the answer.

In the world of digital denominations, Paysafe is a kind of safety deposit, withdrawal, and making transactions. It has become a major card for safe gambling online and that is where users are looking forward to it. Here, we discuss the success story of PaysafeCard, and how it is shaping the world of gambling casinos.

When people are asked to go for a new method, the first question that pops up in their minds is about safety. So, generally, we will start with the same thing here. Whether you vouch for eWallet casino, Neteller casino, or anything else, the basic idea is about safe and reliable transactions. There are dozens of such payment methods, and then what is so special about Paysafe Deposit?

From online casinos like Bovada Casino, Planet 7, Box 24, Miami Club Casino there are dozens of such websites that have adopted Paysafe, along with several other popular methods. The basic idea is to allow for flexibility and options.

What is Paysafe?

The official site states that Paysafe is a simple and secure payment solution for your online needs. Businesses of all sizes can make use of it the same way without exceptions and this is a good thing. From Skrill Casinos, eCash, fast paying casinos, in-store payments, Paysafe offers all types of facilities.

But, speaking about the brand itself, Paysafe Group Limited is a parent company that goes by its first name for branding. It is a multinational online payment service as of today, and it started a long time back, more than you can imagine, in 1996.

At a time when eCommerce wasn’t even a thing and Amazon was known to no one, online payments and easy online secure transactions were not of priority to an average citizen. But, over the years through a series of mergers and acquisitions, it has grown big and has a lot of famous brands as its subsidiaries. These include Skrill, Neteller, Netbanx, Paysafe UK, and more.

Their official headquarter is located in the Isle of Man. The most notable brands are still used by people for online transactions without realizing that they are under the same parent company.

According to the US Bureau of Statistics, the revenue of the company is around 1 billion USD as of last year. This has only become larger in the past year due to a significant rise in online payments and the use of the offline economy.

What is a PaysafeCard?

Owned by the same parent company we introduced above, the Paysafe Card is a way to make deposits in a safe way. You can pay for goods and make purchases online or offline that accept Paysafe. As a prepaid card, you can first top it up with your money from a bank, then without sharing the actual credentials of your main bank, you can use Paysafe.

  • So, it works like a regular credit card and also offers cashback and deals.
  • Essentially, you have a bank card without compromising the credentials of your bank.
  • It uses the same 16-digit PIN just like a usual card and great for several types of business.
  • If you want to use it, you scan the Paysafe number, and the money is deducted from the main balance.
  • Of late, it has become a major regulated card for online gambling at casinos.

Where can You Use Paysafe?

Where Can You Use Paysafe

Before we get into the exact businesses and details, we would like to give a broad overview of the business sectors that support the PaysafeCard.

  1. Games, whether online or offline or game parlours.
  2. Online dating is a sector that uses them.
  3. Social games and community participation.
  4. Internet services, SMS, and travel services.
  5. Internet calling like VoIP, video calling.
  6. Telephone and messaging, instant messaging.
  7. In-game purchases, apps, in-app payments.
  8. Sports betting, poker, online casino mobile payment.
  9. Purchasing entertainment like movies, music, and stuff.

That is, from casino Paysafe deposit to making any type of purchase, if the business accepts PaysafeCard, you can use this card. It is similar to using Visa or MasterCard, for example. If the gas station accepts it, you can use it. But, it comes with security like nothing else, which is where it has the upper edge.

According to PaysafeCard’s online FAQs, you can find over 3500 web-shops to use this card.

How to Withdraw Money from PaysafeCard?

Now, we have talked about topping up the prepaid card, but can we also withdraw money just like we do with a debit card? It turns out that this is a slightly different way than you would use an ATM card. Because this is not a traditional ATM card, you have to use the registered email address for sending a withdrawal request. This request should be made to your Paysafe Account because the money is linked to it.

Then, customers can use the balance on the PaysafeCard to make other online payments or withdraw funds at an ATM via the MasterCard option. For those who do not know, all ATM cards mostly use two vendors VISA or MasterCard. A PaysafeCard is a MasterCard card.

This also means that you can make a money transfer using this card. And, you can also use it with PayPal.

How to Play a Casino Online with Real Money?

As we have discussed, if you want to bet with real money at online casinos like CryptoWild, Betchain, Black Diamond, Slots Capital, and so on, you can use the Paysafe option. For casino Paysafe deposits, you can use the prepaid card without issues and even use the same for making withdrawals. But, as always you should check the respective online casinos’ payment method section before proceeding. Just follow the below 3 steps.

  1. When you want to bet with real money, you have to look for online casinos that preferably belong to your region because your country-legal casinos offer local payment methods.
  2. Now, you have to make a new account, register, and use the Paysafe Deposit option from the payment methods section for deposits and withdrawals.
  3. Then, you have to deposit some money and fulfil the wagering requirements. Once finished you can start betting on sports, slots, poker, and everything that the casino offers.

Paysafe, as we started with the beginning remark, has become a model of choice for gamblers. Paysafe is a great betting deposit option unlike Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, and is regularly accepted at online gambling sites.

The major benefit of Paysafe over other deposit options is the security of your confidential data. Then, players can effectively deposit the money into their casino accounts without delay.

PaysafeCard is also great for those without any bank account, because you can deposit and top up your card by several methods, not relying simply on a bank account.

In 2021, gambling sites and casinos with Trustly eWallet and money deposit methods have become quite popular. You can learn how to use this card at casinos and also how to anonymously secure your valuable personal info.

You can search for the best Paysafe casinos in your country by a simple online search on DuckDuckGo. There will always be some pros and cons, which we shall discuss in a while.

How to use Paysafe without a Bank Account?

If you want to truly understand the potential of Paysafe, know that online payments without a bank or credit card are possible with this method. As simple as cash and as secure as cash too. PaysafeCard is the world’s leading prepaid card where you can make payments simply by entering a 16-digit number.

With rapid money transfer, not selling your personal card and bank info, with Paysafe you do not need a bank account. It is the best for privacy and security. You can top up the PaysafeCard by money transfer to your Paysafe Account or with cash.

What are the Benefits of Using Paysafe?

You can keep track of all your payments instantly like a passbook. Withdrawals at casinos and deposits are processed immediately. The app that comes with the card lets users play safely and you can control your finances too. The app allows all from checking balance to transactions.

A drawcard as you’re anonymous makes you control your privacy and confidential information. You can use this card in any country with regulated casinos like the ones mentioned above. Just choose a reputable casino and you’re good.

Because you are not sharing sensitive data, there is no fear of losing your card. No credit card details mean no recurring payments. So, there is no way a company can take payment more than you originally planned to send.

You can also buy fixed-rate PaysafeCard with cash such as USD 100, 500, and so on.

It is mobile-friendly for casinos and has a high payout percentage at most Paysafe online casinos. Most online casinos like Betway, LeoVegas, and JackpotCity have the best payout when you choose Paysafe.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Paysafe?

There may be some disadvantages with respect to online casino gaming if you use Paysafe. These are mostly related to casinos that have a limited number of games, few deposit options, or lack of bonuses. So, customers must take them into account.

Another possible demerit of using Paysafe is that you only pay for a single PaysafeCard PIN and that you have to do with cash, not with a credit card. So, the same thing that is the biggest benefit for those without bank accounts is a problem for those who do not have cash.

Although this was done deliberately keeping in mind the secure nature and allowing millions without a functional bank account to be able to go online, for some it is a demerit.

So, for those who do not have ready cash and prefer card payments only, you have to stick to selling your private data with online vendors. And, sacrifice your privacy for convenience. With PaysafeCard, you are always on the safe side, and that means putting in a little effort.

Safety for PaysafeCard Buyers

Safety For Paysafecard Buyers

It is always recommended to not buy and sell the PaysafeCard PIN on non-authorized sites and platforms. Because they may be fake and cause any damage. So, never buy them from online auction sites. And, also never swap the PaysafeCard PINs on forums and websites in lieu of profits.

How PayPal Users can Use Paysafe?

For a legit online casino, PayPal is one choice for sure, and if you are already on a platform it is hard to switch to another. So, adding PaysafeCard MasterCard to your PayPal may be a better option. So, if you didn’t know if you could do such a thing, now you know.

When you go to PayPal, click on Banks & Cards, on the left menu, and then enter the PaysafeCard MasterCard details like usual. When making a new purchase, you can select the PayPal option, and in your PayPal account, you should make the PaysafeCard as your default choice of payment method.

That way, you can use PayPal via PaysafeCard to deposit money to casinos, purchase anything from web-shops, and so all the same stuff without sacrificing your privacy. Paysafe has made working with online transactions a very good way to spend money, because you can keep your card details with dozens of websites without worrying about any mishappening, selling card info, and other such malicious activities.

PayPal also adds another layer of security to making transparent transactions.

Is Casino Paysafe Deposit a Safe Choice Final Takeaway

If you want to spend money online and love digital payments, then you should get a little smarter too. Sharing your card info on a lot of websites can be dangerous, even at reputed sites. Because you do not know their intricate fine printed privacy policies and they may be using your card info. Then, there is always a risk of hacking.

Paysafe is a way to ensure security and simplicity. It is a method that makes more sense to a layman than to tech-savvy users. You can make a safe choice today, and shift to a digital virtual eCash payment method by using prepaid cards and yet retain all the benefits of a credit card like ATMs, MasterCard, and so on.

Thank you for reading!

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