How to Use an eWallet in an Online Casino?

How To Use An Ewallet In An Online Casino

Here you will find all that you need for eWallet in an online casino. Nowadays most people prefer making payments online as it’s the most convenient method. This calls for high security as there is a greater demand for online payments. Therefore, eWallets have come into existence. If you are not familiar with an eWallet, it is an electric fund used to either buy or transfer funds online with the help of a Smartphone or a computer.

It is like a debit or credit card which is directly linked to an individual’s bank account. eWallet is very resourceful, but choosing the best eWallet makes all the difference, especially for online casinos.

An Overview on Using eWallet Services in an Online Casino

eWallet mainly comprises two components which include the information and software. Your data is stored in the software and encrypts data securely. The information on the other hand is a common database wherein your details are present.

For instance, the name of the user, location, details of the bank account and payment history. However, it is important to understand how to make payments using eWallet before you figure out how to play a casino online with real money. Let us check out some of the popular eWallet casino payment options.

Best eWallets to Consider

Best Ewallets To Consider

As there is a huge demand for eWallets in online casinos, there are many options to choose from such as Paysafecard casinos, Skrill casinos, Neteller casino and so on. Neteller makes close to 80 per cent of the payments to sports betting companies and online casinos. Although there is tough competition, Neteller casino is one of the best players in the online market today.

Skrill casinos have also shown higher growth as it operates in over 200 countries with different currencies.

Steps to Create an eWallet Account

The benefit of eWallets is that it helps users to virtual store numerous debit cards, credit cards and details of bank accounts to make quick and secure payments online.

  • The first step involves setting up an account and to do so, you can simply download the software on your Smartphone or computer.
  • The second step includes filling out the required information on your bank accounts. You can either store all card details in one single account or make necessary edits or deletion at your convenience.
  • After the account has been set up, you can buy or pay online. When you get a notification to update payment details, the eWallet instantly updates all details after you enter your password.

eWallet to Play Online Casino

eWallet casino sites help to do online gambling faster and there is no compromise when it comes to security. There are a whole lot of benefits of using eWallets while playing online casinos, but the challenge is choosing the best eWallet casino.

Digital wallets or eWallets are more advanced than before and hence digital transactions today are streamlined. Users can make quick online casino payments without disclosing personal details with the eWallet companies. You can play casinos using many eWallet operators to enjoy the best online casino games without worrying about your details getting leaked.

The key advantage of using an eWallet casino is that it helps to speed up the process of withdrawals and deposits. So, there is no wastage of time waiting around.

Are eWallets Secure?

  • Digital payments are safer than the real ones as it’s more secure and safe. Although there are many reasons to support this, the primary one is that it does not share your personal or payment details with the operator.
  • eWallet payments have a virtual card number that acts as your bank card, but it is only for single use. There is also an option to use the QR code through which you can simply scan using the camera of your phone and make the payment. The virtual card number becomes invalid soon after your transaction is complete. This saves thieves or hackers from gaining access to your personal details like your card number, name or PIN. There is no way to access your information through the website server or the card machine when you use eWallets to make payments online.
  • PlayDingo casino is ideal for people who wish to protect their information from being misused. eWallets are simple to use, but you should know how to use them correctly. There may be instances when you lose your phone and accessing your funds becomes almost impossible. Therefore, choosing the best eWallet company with good customer service is a key factor while deciding the eWallet casino. It helps to deal with such unexpected emergencies. To ensure that you are choosing the best eWallet company, do a good research online.


eWallet sites are the best as far as the security of financial information and player identity is concerned. When you choose the best eWallet company, you can be assured to have a secure and safe experience.

You may come across many fast paying casinos, but only choose the legit online casinos to ensure there is no breach of trust. Choose the best online casino like Fun Bet Casino and make more and more money.

Points to Consider while Registering for eWallet

The registration process for the eWallet casino is simplified. Some eWallets can be linked to your bank account directly while others can only be linked to your credit or debit card. Linking it to your bank account helps to make the process of deposits and withdrawals faster. The advantage of choosing the second option helps to keep your transactions more secure.

To register for 20bet Casino, all you need to do is visit any website of your preference and verify your details. Authenticate your bank details and you are good to go. There is an option to register through your mobile device and it can be done without downloading. You can also choose to download the app of Pelaa Casino for quicker transactions.

Casino Paysafe deposit is another alternative you can consider for secure financial transactions. Online casino mobile payment makes the payment process convenient and hence most casino players prefer this mode to buy and pay online.

How to Use an eWallet Option at Casinos?

Once you are convinced that eWallet casinos provide the safest gambling option, it is important to understand how to use it. There are many eWallet sites like Paysafecard casinos that are highly secure and offer instant withdrawals and deposits. But some eWallet casinos have higher fees for another payment mode. You can consider a legit online casino PayPal to use while playing online casinos.

NewVegas Casino helps in quick and easy transactions and doesn’t take more than 24 hours. Sometimes, it may take longer if not properly verified. If you face such issues, you can reach out to the customer care of the respective eWallet casino operator. When you play the game with honesty, there is no need to worry about your earnings.

BetAmo Casino provides eWallet bonuses as there is tough competition. Hence, to sustain and attract users, they offer welcome bonuses which include deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses and reload bonuses. These bonuses help you to have the best experience while playing as it offers additional cash or bonus spins.

When you use eWallet sites like Skrill casinos, you may not be able to claim the welcome deposit as there are certain terms to redeem it. It is important to carefully go through the bonus page before.

eWallet Fee Limit

Ewallet Fee Limit

The fees to use an eWallet casino vary based on many factors. Digital wallets provide services and hence they need to operate profitably to sustain in the industry. Fees are also dependent on the country you live in and the currency you wish to use.

Besides, payment methods also play a significant role to decide the fees. Some sites provide a visual guide explaining the fee structure. Here are some of the fees online casino players may come across while using the eWallet service.

  • Deposit Fees

Many eWallet operators charge a commission each time you load in the money. They mostly charge 1 per cent on the total money or maybe more.

  • Currency Exchange Fee

Legit online casino PayPal is the best example as it has zero deposit and withdrawal fees.

  • Withdrawal Fees

Most operators don’t charge anything towards deposits, but they charge when you make withdrawals. Charges can range from 1 per cent to 5 per cent or more. The cash-out method for Casino Planet includes Visa, Trustly, MasterCard, Neteller, Maestro, Jeton Wallet and EcoPayz. The withdrawal limit for Casino Joy is $5500 per day.

For most players, the small fees do not make much of a difference while using eWallet casino. Grande Vegas Casino offers deposit methods which include Neteller, EcoPayz, Bank Wire Transfer, Visa, Eco card and more.

Alternative Methods of Payment

There are many benefits of fast paying casinos which include convenience, ease, speed, reliability and accessibility. However, there may be certain limitations in terms of bonuses and other benefits which can be a concern while playing online casino real money games.

Besides not every player may be well versed with data storage options on multiple servers and might find it unnecessary. Many other methods are also available which players may find more convenient when compared to eWallets. Some of the other options to consider are as follows:

  • Bank Transfer

Instant banking casinos are one of the simplest and reliable methods of payment. You can either use your existing bank to make payments via digital banking for direct payments or avail services from other banks. Casino Cruise is one such company that provides users to choose any method of payment as per their choice and the withdrawal limit is €5000 per day.

Sloty Casino allows players to start gambling instantly and there is no need for any account registration required, but the minimum deposit is $10. You can be more focused on the game and have fun without worrying about varied payment options.

  • Mobile Casino Payment

Online casino mobile payment is the ideal method that allows you to play the game securely and keeps your expenses on track. Casino Paysafe deposit helps to make online deposits through your prepaid mobile plan or phone bill.

If you wish to choose the prepaid plan method to debit the amount, you need to ensure that the money value that you have added to the card does not exceed. These particular payment methods usually charge a nominal fee. So, make payments in a safe way without any hassles.

  • Prepaid Card

The benefit of prepaid cards is it maintains the secrecy and safety while offering the convenience to use a traditional card from the bank. You can simply visit the shops to buy a prepaid card to play endlessly without any worries.

Prepaid cards allow you to play with a free mind as there is no disclosure or leakage of your personal details. Prepaid card is as secure as mobile payment methods that not only help you play to your heart’s content but also manage your bankroll.

The limits of the deposits are low and hence you can load extra money. Deposits can be made only through prepaid cards as the withdrawal option is currently not there.

Key Benefits of eWallets for Online Casinos

  • One-Click Transfer

Online transactions can be a tedious task sometimes, but with the evolution of eWallets, it is quick and simplified.

  • Security & Privacy

There is extra security and privacy when you make deposits or withdrawals through eWallets.

  • Portable

eWallets can be used anywhere and anytime with the help of a mobile phone or a computer. There is no need to carry your money or card, especially when playing at CasinoChan casino.

  • Accessibility

eWallets can be accessed from anywhere in the world as the best casinos like LuckyZon operate internationally.

eWallet in an Online Casino Final Words

Thus, handling money and tracking expenses through eWallets has become so easy today. When you choose the right eWallet provider, you will understand how to play a casino online with real money safely and securely. eWallets is the most convenient and safer method to use while playing online casinos.

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