Coin Master Free spins – an app review and spins Review

Coin Master Free Spins An App Review And Spins
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Never spend a penny to still spin all day long. Free spins Coin Master - spin to win!

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Here you can get Coin Master Free spins. Coin Master is a free, single-player, casual mobile app created by Israeli studio Moon Active.

The game is available on Android, iOS, and even Facebook.

Free Spins Coim Master


So, if it is single-player, why would I write a guide on how to get free spins in Coin Master? Well, even though it is a single-player, the game is still very addictive. You fastly reach the spin limit and you want to spin more.

Do not look at the word “free” next to the game. Here is a full list of iOS in-app purchases:

In-App Purchases

  • Special Small Spins pack $4.99
  • Small Spins pack $1.99
  • Extra Pack $2.99
  • Breathtaking Pack  $2.99
  • Breathtaking Pack  $4.99
  • XSmall Pet Food pack $0.99
  • Medium Spins pack $4.99
  • Thrilling Pack  $7.99
  • Aggressive Coin Pack 16 + 500% $14.99
  • Exciting Pack $2.99

Still think it is the free game? 1 smart guy once said:

Sorry, but I don’t have that much money to play free games.

Even $1.99 looks small for 30 spins, but what are 30 spins really? You can waste them all in 30 seconds.

To do not find out yourself with empty pockets and without lunch because of the free mobile app, let’s use all available ways to get Coin Master free spins.

Happily, there are 9 ways to obtain spins!

So how do I get Coin Master free spins?

Here are a bunch of tips to help you get even more free spins in Coin Master.

    1. Follow Social media – just check their Facebook and Twitter to get free spins links daily.
    2. Invite friends – each friend invite (through Facebook) is plus  40 Coin Master free spins. Just please don’t invite me.
    3. Level up your village – yes, I was surprised, but in this game, you can not only spin. Try to level up your village and you will get free spins.
    4. Participate in events  – when you see the slot machine view, check out the top right of the screen. Any virtual buttons that you can see under the menu mean some event. Tap on one to read conditions.
    5. Request spins as gifts – if you have friends, you can get 100 spins from them via gift. Check out their Reddit community if you don’t.
    6. Sign up for email gifts – simply subscribe to their newsletter.
  1. Spin – if you are lucky enough, you will get free coin master spins by spinning.
  2. Wait –  five free spins every single hour, so you would need ten hours to reach your limit – 50 spins. Time to set an alarm!
  3. Watch video ads – personally, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch out for even more video ads these days, but I can’t mention this option.

Coin Master


Getting Coin Master free spins – easy deal. These 9 ways will let you never spend anymore a penny and still spin all day long.


Coin Master Free Spins An App Review And Spins

Never spend a penny to still spin all day long. Free spins Coin Master - spin to win!

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